how do you grow hair?


hair growthlaser cap
hair growthlaser cap

With the increasing social pressure, hair loss has become a problem that cannot be ignored. More and more middle-aged men are facing baldness, and the percentage of women with thinning hair is also increasing.

How to solve this problem?

Some people choose to use ginger to stimulate the scalp to achieve the purpose of hair growth, but in fact ginger is good for the scalp but does not have the effect of hair growth.

Some people will choose expensive hair growth liquid, but in fact, there is no hair growth liquid that can effectively stimulate hair growth.

There are also many hair transplant hospitals, but the principle of hair transplant is to transplant the hair from the back of the head to the top of the head, which does not achieve the purpose of hair growth.

So how do you grow hair? After years of research by YJT Group, it is found that 650nm LLLT laser can reduce scalp oil, strengthen hair roots, stimulate hair roots to secrete nutrients, reverse hair follicles from resting phase to active growth or growth phase, and promote hair follicle regeneration. And it can effectively prolong the growth period of hair and prevent the hair from entering the resting period prematurely. Protects scalp and hair health.


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